Google Analytics | Can boost your website SEO on Google?

Google Analytics | Can boost your website SEO on Google?
Google Analytics | Can boost your website SEO on Google?
Google Analytics: Google Analytics is free and easy to use web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is available for all who have a Google account.

Here given below the list of Benefits of Google Analytics

1. It is completely free of charge: offers for the same amount of or much more functionalities or SEO techniques when compared with other paid tools.

2. Google Analytics is Able to find out how your visitors locate your website: During the initial optimization campaign, the number of keywords might be close to nothing. Yet, as time passes by, you will begin or start getting more keywords being listed on natural postings, due to your overall optimization effort.

3. Able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most: You will have the ability to know which are the famous pages or ranking pages and links, and measure whether your optimization campaign is guiding or showing the traffic to the right pages.

4. Visitor segmentation: You can segment (divide) your analytic result by new/returning visitors, topography and referral sources.

5. Able to fine tune your website: It will bring you the best and greater quality prospects, and in this manner increasing more customers in the near future.

6. Measure The Quality of SEO Traffic: The most common report use to measure improvement or decline in the quality of search traffic is important in Google Analytics.

7. Identifying Slow Loading Page Times: To measure or calculate the page load times on a page-by-page basis navigate to Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings.

Following are the Benefits of Google Analytics:


If you want to be successful then you have to be an expert in Google Analytics. Every digital agency or company and internal marketing group or SEO agency needs a Google Analytics expert. Since you are reading this post, you have probably decided that you want to be that expert. Or maybe you have been “volunteered” for that role by your team!

Either way, congratulations! Mastery of Google Analytics is an important milestone in becoming a proficient digital marketer or in an SEO agency. At the starting point, you have to be a certified person, A good start is to become certified by passing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam. In this post, we walk through the process, step by step, of getting Google Analytics certified for the SEO website ranking.

What Are the Best Benefits of the Google Analytics Certificate?

Information on visitor behavior is important to the success of any website. whether you {are|you're} a blogger or are an e-commerce professional, having the ability to interpret the visitor behavior data that Google Analytics gathers is critical for finding out what is working, what isn't, and maximizing your site's performance. With everything that is riding on website analytic data or information, there are a number of benefits to earning the Google Analytics certificate.

Advanced Competency
The most and powerful tangible benefit of getting a Google Analytics certification, also known as the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, is that it will ensure that you have the skills or knowledge to get the most out of Google Analytics. If you want to use the advanced feature then here you can use Google's video tutorials that will take you through Analytics software from the basics to advanced features such as creating the customized(modified) dashboard and best practices with analytics intelligence. Even if you have used Web analytics software in the past then Google's certification program gives you a structured path to master Google's free analytics suite.

Competency Check
Simple and advanced: There is a big difference between simply reading through some tutorials or watching a video(video tutorials) and truly understanding the provided material. The tutorials that Google provides or Google gives on each analytics subject(topic) are just a preparation for the test, but the test itself will ensure that you have actually learned the provided material of that test. This way you can be confident in your abilities or you are able with Google's tools when you start applying them professionally.

Resume Builder
In the workplace, you are always competing with individuals (person) who "fluff" their resume for interview positions. Anyone can claim mastery of analytics tools, but earning your analytics certification with Google lets you stand out from other applicants with an objective measure of your competency. Because anyone can confirm what certifications you have earned with Google online, you cannot fake being Google Analytics-certified. This will give you a leg up(top level) on other applicants in professional job searches or competition for internal promotions or ranking.

Company advantages
Best feeling, having a Google Analytics certification makes you attractive or interesting and perfect to potential employers because now you can help them become, and stay, certified as a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Here this status gives companies access to perfect and special technical support from Google Company, exclusive conferences (meetings) and product information only available to certified partners, as well as here an official listing with Google to help drive potential perfect business. Google encourages the companies to have at least one individually (personally) certified employee to achieve, or maintain, its certification.

Additionally, a company's continued standing as an authorized partner relies upon its customers delivering positive or proper feedback about its work to Google. If you have the individual (personal) Google Analytics certification, companies will want you to help them do just that.
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